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Miracle ? Mirage? or a touch of an Angel?

Such a short word. Try to ask people what it means. You will either get no answer at all or just a mix of wishful thinking. And yet every single person on this planet longs for it, searches for it, hopes and prays to have it once in their lives.
I’ve heard a word some days ago – “oneness”. They say we all are searching for a person to become one with…
Throughout the human history, love was the fundamental, central theme of stories, novels, poems, etc.
And yet there are only a few of us, who had a chance to feel the oneness.


What is it exactly? They say you’ll know as soon as he/she touches you. There are so many wonderful fairy tales about this very first touch…
This very first touch, that opens a door for you to the world, that you stopped believing in. I will be repeating countless telling you that this world is warm and full of light. There is so much energy, that it fills every bit of your being, it flows inside you up and down and finally, you can’t keep it to yourself.
It bursts out of you, becomes a cloud of little sunny stars flowing, growing around you into a bigger and finally huge circle within seconds.
If you keep him/her close enough, your little stars would become his/her, her/his would become yours.

Another second

and your heart would emerge from your chest eager to become one with the other.
Once you stepped into your half’s circle the cloud of little sunny stars would grow around you both.
The explosion of happy energy would burst your heart just for a second and the world would stay still. Yes, at that moment you could actually feel the stillness around you, hear the quietness.

This instant everything that you’ve ever believed to be true disappears. Your world is so much richer now will never be the same again.
The wrongs would become rights. The rights would become true.

Happy tears caused by the perception of happiness would flow down your face.

So many live happily

their lives strongly believing in the existence of a real life and a fairy tale. But what if the miracle is so close, that you can touch it. You just need to open your eyes to see it.

Awareness of danger

would not stop you from letting the magic come too close. A part of your heart would be burnt forever. You would be searching for the door, that was opened for you once but you would not find it again. Remember, there is only one touch, only one moment. Like the angels, who never stay for long. They are so close, and yet they are unreachable. You would turn around and see the sunny stars vanishing into the air.

But what If,

that nasty little “but” all the time.

What if you are in the moment of weakness longing for a kind word. What if after so many years of drought you are just thirsty for love and see it where there is nothing to see. What if you are confusing your own vulnerability with something that is not there.
What if all of them who tell you that Love is much more than a moment of happiness are right.
Love is a mutual respect, understanding, mutual acceptance.
Love is sharing of joy and sadness, love is intimacy of your mind.
“So what does this one touch can mean in the long term?” – they would say. “Everyday life with ups and downs, troubles and disappointments. What do these little stars, that you are imagining going throughout your body, they mean nothing compared to the everyday life with all the survival necessities.”

What if

our susceptibility makes deceit look true for a second. Do we confuse our own vulnerability with magic? Do we take fake for real? We do sometimes…

The moment of seeing the other world is burnt into my memory. I know it is real.

Just a tender touch of an angel.

Thank you, Lord, for you to open my eyes to see the magic.
All my life was worth this one moment. I am glad to never have stopped looking for it.

I do my best not to be sad, but to be happy. I am one of a few who knows. We know…

You would say: “In our modern cruel world how to recognize the truth, don’t you fear your heart could be violated?”
I have no answer to that.
Does anybody?
Do you?

I know that one truth.

The life is worth living for this one moment of pure happiness.
You won’t miss it if you don’t know what to miss. I know and I haven’t missed it.
As life proceeds, we get busy with all the “necessities”, work, family, home… But every time I close my eyes I feel the existence of happiness.
I’m grateful for awareness of the reality of magic.
Are you?
I am, as I know…..
I am singing the gratitude hymn to Lord for revealing to me the secret of Love.

“I am happy for this moment, this moment is my life!”

Lord, bless us all!

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