Pauline's Anti-Aging Plus Blog - Tips & Tricks

How to stay young slim and beautiful after 50.

New products and the results of my skincare routine. How to get rid of

the annoying wrinkles

and stop them from unexpectedly appearing on the face. I’ll show you how I keep my Hair thick and healthy.

Pauline's Anti-Aging Plus Blog - Tips & Tricks

Food Supplements.

is a very important topic. We need additional vitamins and amino acids as we are aging. 

You will certainly find out how to lose or gain weight without being hungry. I’ll share with you all my tricks how I maintain hormonal balance, how I fight the menopause in body and soul. That means no sleepless nights, no moodiness, no belly fat. 


Pauline's Anti-Aging Plus Blog - Tips & Tricks

The high price is not a guarantee.

There are so many products for skincare on the market. Some of them are very expensive and at the end, they don’t do any good to us. Every so often we pay too much for the hope of a positive result accordingly to the price. Therefore you will read about affordable products that work on my skin beautifully.

If you are struggling

to keep a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food and to maintain hormonal balance is the key to the vitality and youth.

Pauline's Anti-Aging Plus Blog will be of a great help for you

You can benefit from my experience.

You don’t need to go through the learning process. 

I have been fighting against the time for some time already and now I would be happy to share  my success as well as my tries and errors with you.

Pauline's Anti-Aging Plus Blog. Plus means

my favorite books and movies. 

Of course, we all have different taste, different views. And still, the reviews are very valuable for us, aren’t they?

Plus means

In the section Plus I’ll tell you about very useful and helpful devices. It is unimaginable now to live without some of them. 

Plus means

So as you see, the Pauline’s Anti-Aging Blog Plus is not only about wrinkles, hormones, diets and hair care. It is rather about everything.

You certainly will benefit from my knowledge, and know-how

Pauline's Anti-Aging Plus Blog. Plus means

We ladies have our difficulties to make a decision sometimes. Therefore next time before you buy a new washing machine or a vacuum cleaner watch a review and the decision will not be so difficult to make any more.

I hope to have a conversation with you. Let's see if we could be supportive of each other.

Most importantly the Pauline's Anti-Aging Plus Blog is for us all to have fun and be happy.

My Videos

You can see me live talking about all the nice things you are reading here about. I am sharing my experience with you – either positive or negative.

Enjoy some pictures of me

Sometimes it is sad, sometimes it is funny. Time passes by, we are getting older, the lucky ones are getting smarter. But still the destructive process alters all of us unfortunately not to the best.

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